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I saw these types of fire places before but never knew what they were called. Chimineas, or small wood burning stoves, were used in earlier times, where a wood heated stove would be the only source of warmth in a home. They harken back to a time before microwaves and electric stoves where a pan, pot, or kettle were your stove pots, and the only timer you had was judging the warmth and readiness of your food by hand and smell.

I recall when I was about 10 going to one of my mother’s friend’s mother’s home. It was built out in the outskirts of the country, and though having electricity, still had an old Chiminea sitting in the middle of the house. It was long out of use, covered in books and knick knacks, but still made a nice profile on her brick wall.

Years later I went to the border of the PA back country to visit a close friend’s Aunt. The Aunt lived in an older house, with a small farm, with land that went for miles (houses were far between out there). She had a slightly larger Chiminea that had a flat top. She would cook eggs fresh from the coop on that stove and serve them with fresh salsa. Was one of the beast cooked eggs I’ve ever eaten. I totally was blown away with what you can do with these small things.

The nowadays most Chimineas are made smaller for outdoor use. Most are very quaint and well made like this one:

But they all harken to a time before electric stoves, grills, and toasters. They fun to look at for a late night fire as well!

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