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Big Green Egg ...Grills?

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Ok, today I found a nonsensical phrase. Big Green Egg Grills. Now at first I went, ‘eggs can be green. Nasty but green. But describing a grill as a big green egg?’ So I went in an investigated.

According to my girlfriend in TX, these grills are like the Magnum of grills. These Big Green Egg Grills are like a smoker barbecue, a barbecue grill, and an oven. Made of a trademark green ceramic cooker, that as the name implies is an egg shape.

Now the shape isn’t just a crazy design gone awry. The egg shape allows channeled airflow that makes it more usable than a small time barbecue. You can smoke BBQ slowly producing tender grub. You can grill quick coking things like hot dogs and burgers. You can even decide to have an outdoor dinner and cook that roast, pizza or pies on it!

I know this would be friggen awesome for gaming. Have a LAN party with friends over, or just a Smash Bros. (or WoW or Starcraft ect.) and just set this big egg up in the patio. Put on some grub, and keep a timer in between games. Presto some hot food for a hungry mob without the struggle of smoke or fiddling with the oven!

Just the shape of the Big Green Egg Grills lends themselves to many corny egg jokes, and fun discussions about hoe awesome it is. So to the list of its abilities I’d add conversation starter. They even have tiny ones that you can take with you to cons and concerts so instead of buying the expensive ass food there, you could whip this out with some food and have a heated lunch. Yes I have done this. Home cooked food beat out expensive event food every time.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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