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WoW > Me?

It has been last Friday since I took my WoW sabbatical. I think my resolve is failing. Again. Its not even that I'm missing much. Wee guild got 4 towers with FL. Yay they rocked the few bosses in the new 25 already. It's not the raiding. It's the things I still never finished.

Like leveling my lock and DK to 65 so they can max out their trades. Or finishing that lame alchemy 5 transmute quest (I just needed 2 more). To finish my almost complete 'Glory of the Hero' for that sketchy mount. Hell I am 5 tokens away from the fish feast recipe and my title (and my guild rank is the lovely 'sandwich maker'..random guild inside joke). I can even stay up late and banter nonsense with Malakitty (Malakyte- famous, or infamous Ally pally on our server; don't gank meh for misspelling your name!) on his Horde character. Weird you can make Horde and Ally characters on PvP servers now. Kinda cool as some of them cats are fun, but kinda ruins the whole 'We Kill You, You Kill Us' kinda thing both factions have going.

I dunno, it's kinda the game (even though it's friggen easy now), it's more the people. I kinda miss em already, and I can't talk stuff on the forums. Boo...betting I wont make it till next week XD


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