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Web Directories...and how they help ya!


Note the amount of links and pics in my 'Link Backs!' Tab? Most of em are what you'd call web directories. Some are free, some are not, but the general use for them is to create more links back to your blog. Now I don't mean a simple 'trade linkz wit meh kk' type things, but a direction; a listing of similar and not so similar topic sites within and around your niche.

Now what this has to do with this site? These guys basically help me and I help them. They get a lot of traffic and send them my way from people searching, and they get their name out there as a great list of fun and useful links. So back linking isn't always about how many blogs you know, but how many directories you know.

Try em? It takes like a few mins and it gets your name out there. In fact here's a few:
Free sites
Jasmine directory
Max directory

Yahoo directory

Before you go all crazy about paying for a listing remember, that the bigger the name, the more visibility you site will get, and DMOZ, and Yahoo are both worth spending the cash on! Also check out my 'Link Backs!', there's so many neat directories to be found down there!

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