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New Ring and Some Down Time

I gots a new ring from General! I'm just happy I did decent this time. Wednesday was a fiasco dying in the hall during the arena, and gimping my range tinkering with my spec. That extra three yards makes a difference!

Dying on him to stupid stuff made it suck thou. I take the blame as I'm a bad influence :P But change is afoot, I think.

Coming back to WoW was totally awesome. But I have that feeling that I did everything. Save for killing Yogg personally (but after getting him down to 2% you've kinda done him) I kinda feel burnt out. Like the new car smell has died all you smell is your kid sis' feet. And trust me her feet reek!

So, I've decided to shelve WoW for a moment. Like a month maybe. Just to give it time to get that new car smell back. Don't worry I'm still here!

Besides, when did NOT playing WoW stop me from blogging about it? :P

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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