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New Addons n' Stuff

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Yay new shoulders. There the ghetto T9 but hey, it's better than T7.5! And I ditched my scrolling combat text for Power Auras. After seeing the epic Firefighter Video by Ensidia, I saw that the mage had these awesome pics that would tell him when to use certain spells. I myself found that I spent too much time 'hearing' for the sound of arc barrage, and the combat text was kinda not helpful. It clouded my screen and since most of my other effects (trinket procs, arc power, PoM, ect.) were either constantly going or controllable. So all I needed (especially with my 4pc T8 procing the extra barrage) to know definitely when my arc blast stacks dropped, and the missiles proced. Very helpful, pretty, and way less intrusive.

Oh and here's that Ensidia (part 1 of 2!) I was talking about. Look for Ekye the Arcane Mage's mods, and rawk at Munken doing that epic disengage at the end of part 2:


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