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Intriguing Article I Saw on Online Piracy Today...


I read this article a bit ago and the points it brings up are as ages old as the industry itself. The 'getting something for free' versus everyone enjoying a piece of art scenario. The article dealt with music piracy and it's history (it was also a bit slanted towards the Music Industry and the pratfall of downloading stuff 'illegally').

Well I'm of the side of the fence that artists do deserve credit for what they do. But not the business that runs them. What is the purpose of the industry if only to bloat up the money boat like the government, with it's myriad of staffers? I always wondered why other than the artist were getting money off of said work? There's promoters yes, but the most that seem to benefit are the company not the artist. And many artists that weren't stinking rich because of the Industry are actually in support of getting there sound out there. That and entertainment should not just be the pursuit of the rich. If anything thing, most dl a sample, and end up buying it anyway..or deleting it.

But as a gamer and a pirate how does this apply to me? Well I sometimes do play copied or cracked games.

Games which are:

  • No longer produced (or are dated and run on very old os or systems)

  • Very Very Rare

  • Are overseas and are not for sale from various stores (ex. YesAsia)

  • To play test it (cause taking home a $40 game to find halfway its glichy, broken, or plain lame ass sucks...and you never get that full money back either)

I'm sorry, but it seems like music, games can be awesome, but games can be a crap shoot of sad. Do I remind you of FFX-2. Solid in some ways but so fricken cliche that I wanted to punch kittens? And some games that have been put out are so cheaply made that paying for them is an insult. Demos don't do the game justice either as the major things that could make a game unworthy to play are the things that happen halfway. The beginning is going to look nice! The marketing department wants it so the things can sell! I think sharing out games/media in general can be a good thing. TBH, if you stuff stinks, people will know it fast- way before they since their hard earned money into it.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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