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I must admit something.

I. Am. A. Keyboard turner. And I even click when lazy. I thought my leet arrow turning was oh so obvious (even thou a lot of people die to me in pvp...sad). But a few days ago YouDead the silly Ruski and Tad, teh Bear were randomly talking and came up. I was like, 'well of course it's fail, I do it all the time. Hota = fail!'. (I love self effacing humor, I'm known for it and then entrapping people in the fail)

I then get the whole 'we didn't know' response. Seriously, save for the times I actually turn my mouse (it hurts after awhile though) I'm turning. I AM THAT GUY. The one during the Yogg stare phase and turning. The one in pvp turning in a wide arc. The one that bumps into corners cause arrows don't account for hallways.

But! I'm very fast at it. So much that my keyboard keys are now starting to malfunction from years of abuse. And I'm not melee. With melee it is expected to strafe, to dodge, to quickly turn mobs or behind them. Casters...not so much. Half my spells are aoe, are casted at range, or follow the target once cast (I'm looking at you missiles!)

I just had no reason really at all to stop. And once I figed it was 'bad', I was hard set in my ways. I've only bound my mouse cause it's right there and faster than clicking/memorizing keys. But funny, that didn't stop me from dpsing hard, or not dying, kiting, or even tanking. So ya know what? I'ma keyboard turn not just cause I'm used to it, but to simply piss you naysayers off. Word.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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