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Yogg Down! But I wasn't there :*(

Misfit's after coming in close last week...(we died to enrage timer last week) has finally downed that big old beasty Yogg Sunday eve. Refer to their site for obligatory head shot. I wasn't there /sniffles but I got some hawt sidegrades in the form of a new wand and offhand. Still waiting for them damn orbs for my belt! At this rate I'll have enought cloth for both boots and belt >.<

But all of Sunday and so...I was fishing. Yes fishing. After cursing at that stupid fountain I got me the seal of Dalaran! Still working on the Rat and Turtle, so much...fun. Yeah. Really. Mr. Pinchy has so far tried to help me, or hurt me with his big old lvl 70 self. I loled. Overall, fish is patience/suffering. But I has 5000+ achievement points! I r supa nerd! (ok other than Tad 8k+ points, holy crap!)


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