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What HAVE I Been Doings?

As things settle down (ie. playing catch up with my guild and stuff) I find myself finally...well hopefully more free time. I did say I was an addict after all!

So far my alts are still the same levels (though I'll eventually level Nem and Tomoe as they can't cap there professions till 65), thou I'm debating on returning to Moon. I hear there adding a heirloom item for cold weather flying. Having my farmer character being able to mine/herb at 70 in Northrend would be awesome.

Bank alts are well, looking pimp as always. My lock twink had a massive overhaul yesterday...will chat about that in tomorrow's post.

But of course Hota's been worked on the most. So far she has a decent pvp set with 600+ resil and 1900+ sp. Aint gunna kill me that easily bitches!

Her rep with pretty much everyone on Northrend is done (minus the oracles, I just wanted their eggs lol). And might I add her pve set is rocking. Then again pve has been kicking it up a notch lately.

So far having both the T7 and T8 first set bonuses just rock. It's like having two more auto trinkets that add me more sp. Also am waiting in line to get that sexy belt crafted. I just need a bit more dkp.

Oh and did I mention I kissed Sara last night? Yeah eww I know. Finally getting some Uldar actions in as I've seen all of normal up to general, and this week, my guild is back on top clearing to Yogg in 25! I hope we do well Sunday on him. Being that a bunch have experienced Yogg in BN's 25 man pugs and the guild 10 man achievement crew (grats on the drake guys!) Yogg shouldn't last long.

Oh and one more thing. Peggle rocks. Out MT was playing during cat lady. Either he's uber skilled or tanking is that easy lawls! All I know is that it's infiltrating the guild ranks.

I leave you with a ss of some Peggle fun after someone's imp pulled mobs onto us *coughSloraincough* while loot was being passed out:

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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