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Upgrades Pls!


Like converting word to pdf, Hota got some nice things yesterday. In the longest Uldar 10 ever, the run was both fun, agitating, slow and fast...so long that I was up till 3 am est in there! Like getting my pdf reader to work, I watched the run sorta work, then at times roll into a ball of flames. I know I proly didn't help during Ignis, what with my arc barrage deciding to not crit and hit for 4.9k instead of the 5k I needed to explode the rock guys. Le sigh....we actually after hours of wiping on him killed the gauntlet even where my t8 token dropped? What'd I roll? A 4. My convert pdf function in my mind (I normally in my mind, convert sense into understandable things...but I was tired so I was converting a pdf lols) exploded and I so wanted to kill something after all that.

But! One, I gots a way better sword! Not as good as the one from 25 Cat Lady, or the one from Naxx I never win, but a decent upgrade with dmg, hit (like I need more) and haste. Wuzzah! Ad to my new trinket from Razor, and my sexy time belt Bzzt made me, I am content. Very very content. Now I'ma gunna haveta wait on them boots, but wow 2150ish unbuffed sp...makes me giggle like a school girl.


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