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My Lock Gets a New Coat of Paint

After going through all my other alts I decided to pull up the old gal to go have some wsg fun. I had just gotten the heirloom leveling shoulders (yea the wg ones are better but I spend my shards so fast on other things) and slapped on the pvp enchant.

When I put em on Hotachan I noticed that many of her old chants were red. The hat enchant was red, her spell thread was red, her chest enchant...needless to say I was unhappy to see a butt load of g rendered useless.

So I put a cheap patch on her legs. Actually I made her a new cloak, boots, and legs and chanted em with Nemmy. I ignored the hat and shoulders as they overall were good. But I saw ppl with 15sp to bracers and 150 hp to chest. Isn't that impossible?

So I did some light research. There's 3 enchants that do this. Two were BC enchants, the rare drop one, the Healing turned sp one, and then the old argent dawn rep one from vanilla. Seems the old rep/drop enchants from old school WoW do go by those level restrictions. Asked my old friend Liss to do the bracers as I knew he all the enchants from back when.

Now the 150 hp can be done, but on items with a high enough item level w/o a written on level restriction. Quest items basically. The chest du ju for most casters in the twink bracket? The Inferno Robe. It's from a short questline in TM. And I lothe the Hillbrad area as it's gankfest central. But I wanted the damn robe. So I recruited Rob on his pally to escort and do the bulk of the work. So after dying many many times (to avoid exp but to still get quest credit) the robe was mine!

And funny enough even with less health but more sp, Hota still rocks bgs hard. Like her big sis. Eating melee with a caster always gives me the giggles.
Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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