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LoLing at Sis....Again.

After getting a frantic phone call from her, I kinda knew where she was at. Still playing FFX. She had did one of the worst things in that game. She started the ship events that lead to going inside Sin. Way, way too early. Tidus had hastaga but no quick hit. No Sisters summon. Heck no Anima summon. Her people were low in general. At least Auron had his Armor break.

But she had managed to get to everything to land on...Overdrive Sin.

And once you save, you can't leave the ship to get lost things, or to level. She was stuck there, till she gave up (and restarted the game) or beat him.

After using many gamefags, she begged me to come over. She tried. I tried many different tactics. Still Sin grinned at us. At this point I'd turned it off. She did one step further. She totally upturned and kicked her ps2. Apparently the day I was on the phone she had rolled it down the apartment stairs. A good 2 flights.

I still am surprised that machine works. Other than a ticking sound. She'd better beat that thing, or that ps2 (slim thankfully) isn't gunna last long.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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