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Hanging with Azeroth

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Hullo guys. As all of you know I have been playing around in Azeroth, err Northrend, doing stuff, taking names, overall being a good little dps. After a 10 day level fest I hit 80, and decided to see how fast I could gear my mage.

After realizing that no one will let me roll in my t6 I dropped it all off in the bank, and went crazy with tailoring. I even decided on a cheap pvp set. Then after a whirlwind of pimping myself out, I got to roll in every instance (other than Uldar 25). Pug can be fun. Well sometimes.

I found out that questing can be fun, and milking them and dailies for cash is hawt. I even decided to get dual spec to try out frostfire. My next goal is get the Albino drake (13 mounts off...gogo Argent Tourney!) I think after a week having almost every slot epic is very good.

But some sad news. Arshe went bye bye:

I just surmised between working on Hota, eventually on Moon, and having a twink that only needs the badge upgrades, I just wouldn't have time to work on her. So I sold her gear to the band, sold her 2 saved epics on auction, and said farewell.

In other news Hota got her first tier piece! T8...well before T7 lawl. Uldar is fun times. Moar pics later. Apparently the screenshot function in WoW is not saving correctly so I am forced to use the regular pc print screen button. Moar news at 11.

Jong said...
June 16, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

grats on 80! i hope you have fun raiding and get lots of uber loots.

Darksaturn7 said...
June 16, 2009 at 1:25 PM  

Next goal...is to rule the world! Or just bother trade chat some more.

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