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A Guilty Pleasure- 3D Hunting

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I decided to download a small little game onto Rob's phone. (Or rather phone emu but that's beside the point.) I normally don't tinker with cell phone apps, but the urge to shoot helpless creatures was just to hard to not pass up. Don't tell them PETA folk though- there like 30 mins away from me *shudder*.

Anyway, I put 3D Hunting onto the phone. Now I don't expect much from a phone app but wow. There's no goofy imaginary animals, or odd reactions, or crazy Bazookas. You hunt in recognizable terrain in the US, Canada, and Mexico don't the things real hunters do. Calls, scents, even the option for morning, noon, and evening hunting is all in there.

Yeah I sent most of last night having fun with it. Shooting woodland creatures without the guilt, dirt, or heavy lifting. Sign me up :)

Oh, if you people with iPhones wanna give it a try, you can download it here.


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