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Other Blogs I Read Day-Old Grandma Hardcore

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I recall watching a late night show on MTV2 (yes I do watch the boob tube sometimes) This show was showing the next up and coming games cropping up. But the funniest part of the show was the segment of this Grandma, (dubbed Grandma Hardcore) beating the everloving shit out of various games. No not Pong, or PC Solitaire, but RE4, or Zelda Windwaker, even Gears of War. I thought, see gamers don't need to grow out of games. Even in an elderly age, people can still play and have fun!

After the show, she drifted from mind and lay forgotten. Well, until I flitted onto Review to View's blog roll, and found Old Grandma Hardcore.

In her blog I discovered the life of a woman up in her golden years, and much more. I discovered the true love she has for video games, the love of many people in the gaming scene (from the readers, her fans, publishers like Nintendo and so forth), and more importantly the love of her family, especially her grandson, Tim.

To read the passion of her beating the snot out of games I can barely beat, to the heart wrenching stories of her medical scares, to the total honesty and love between both Grandson and her makes from more than just a good read. You truly feel for them, and can't help but feel this is them, out there and bared to all. Real people, with real lives, and tribulations. With a big side of games.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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