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New Idea...Sellin' Stuff Day


Time is money, friend, I got what you need!

I had an awesome idea off my head last night. As I've slowly over the past few months basically purged my site of useless ads that did me, and you dear reader no good, I've decided on something. See where that Amazon link used to be? Gone. In its place is a link to my ebay profile. I love blogging, but as a pirate, I love to make some cash too :)

So instead of having a site up that has nothing to do with me, I'm gunna sell some stuff regularly on ebay. Hence My Ebay Gamer Store hehe.

But I think before I go ebay crazy, I'd list some of the stuff I plan to sell on here first to see if any of yall might want em. Mostly old games, and some toys that I just have no need for. I plan to list my list every Monday a week in advance. If I get no offers by the next Monday, I'll post em on ebay for the world to hunt down. Deal? Deal.

This of course will alter my posting schedule somewhat. So instead of having Monday RPG day, and Tuesday Mage day, my days will read like this-

Monday: Sellin' Stuff Day
Tuesday: Current RPG I'm Playing Day
Wednesday: News in Magecraft
Thursday: Potpourri Day
Friday: Other Blogs I Read Day

As in for this week's list of things four sale, here goes (alot of Atlus games in here):

  • Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (PSX RPG comes with Music CD ultra rare) $55

  • La Pucelle Tactics (PS2 TBS ...think FF Tactics) $20

  • Phantom Brave (PS2 TBS comes with Music CD...think FF Tactics) $30

  • Frequency (PS2 TBS music coordination game...think DDR with your controller, sorta rare) $20

  • Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (GB Advance TBS ...think FF Tactics) $10

All these games are well kept originals. I accept PP, just comment on the bottom of this post, or email me if interested. $5 S/H, Insurance extra. Thanks!

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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