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Mother's Day Prep

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And so as the merry month of May rolls around, my family is all abuzz. Between anniversaries, and birthdays (I'm one of 3 people getting older this month!), Mothers day is rolling over the horizon. My mother is a strong, self sufficient woman that has been there for me since Day 1. To say I honor her is a gross understatement.

Every year I've been either too broke, or would try and get her a paltry card. This year I plan on stopping by the local 1800 flowers and get her the grandest bouquet of Flowers they have. She loves bright, vibrant colors, and since they are known for having the best selection of Mothers day flowers, I'm going for it! I can just see the happy look on her face...I hope the rest of you readers out there will take the moment to honor your Mothers (and Grandmothers!) as well.


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