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Current RPG I'm Playing Day: Diablo 2 With a Side of OMG FFIV *Mock Surprise*

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Yup I actually decided to do more Diablo. That wasn't a big shock. Having a few friends power level me through Act 4 was a free ride I couldn't resist. And so my lvl 24 Sorceress is sitting around comfortably in Act 4. Funny enough, they ran again Saturday to Act 5 (and to the expansion content)- but I was not there. Where was I you may be (probably not) asking. I was fighting my PS2 to load up FFIV.

I decided to try and work at it. The story wasn't grabbing me, and grinding levels just turned me off for awhile. But as I read along my trusty gamefaq, I went to the Cavern of Summons. After a good hour of dying I realized something. Bringing level 35's down here was probably a bad idea. Yeah most definitely.

After realizing that I was too low for the place, I went to the other cave with the necklace. After trudging through, killing every trap door, I get to the boss. 3 hours of frustration, changing tactics, leveling the people higher, was not preventing the big EvilWall from killing them.

Even though I was banging my head against a wall (literally!) I did manage to cheap my way into killing the Queen of Summons. Cheesing her with a casting of Wall worked wonders. So at least I got a summon. No progression in plot, but a summon. Wee.

See, I still can RPG from time to time.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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