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Trading Cards Have Come a Long Way...

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I recall being into trading cards in my high school days way back when. No, not Pokemon (shudder) but I was a blooming Magic the Gathering geek. I had way took many sets mostly green centric and my friends had oodles more, spending hundreds of dollars in crafting their sets. But as college loomed I had my attentions pulled else where and left card gaming behind.

Now years later, this new game catches my eye. This new card game system, called Herobits takes trading cards to a new level.

The Herobits card game sort of reminds me of SPANC: Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls in that the objective is to destroy the other players team with many weapons and items.

But unlike many others card games where you have an army of avatars, or lands, in this collectible card game you fight one on one with a set character that is buffed by the 49 card deck that you play with. It also has a set story line behind each character and a setting that preaches an environmental message. A card deck with a positive message?! That's a first!

I love the trading card artists that they used for each card as the characters 'jump out' at you. The art adds to the feel of the game as after awhile, seeing the same old 'army of fantasy medieval creatures battling it out' gets kind of old. The set has a good 78 days before launch, but I bet by the hype this game will see awesome sales.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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