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Other Blogs I Read Day-BRK Edition

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BRK of Big Red Kitty sent us a heartfelt adieu from WoW and blogging in his March 30th post:

'To the readers of this space, I should also take a moment to thank you for you kind words and for keeping on clicking over here. I hope you will not just understand my decision, but perhaps use my situation to look at your own life and see if you are falling into the same trap that I did.' ~BRK

How does this relate to me and my life?

Plenty. Since AQ 40 existed, so has Hota. Since then, I had put in gross amounts of time and energy kitting her out, preparing and improving her as well as my knowledge as a Mage and as a player in general. I had spent many hours, days, weeks farming, BGing, raiding, to the point where stating up and going to work on 4 four hours sleep was common.

I treated guild drama as almost a personal affront to myself and found myself at times happy, enraged, and sad and the many issues raiding guild 'life' brings. It became all about the raid, the 'being the best dps I can be!', the player people looked up to. In game I was the Mage always being called to fill in when dps sucked, or the Mage being begged to raid (on the flip side I was also the Mage that was called to sit out before I became better at my class).

My epics were shinny and my many nameplates spoke of adventures not everyone could do. But in RL I had nothing. I had crappy job after crappy job, a BF that wanted me to succeed but who's faith in me was failing, an ailing Grandmother, and the rest of the family becoming increasing disappointed that I was doing nothing with my degree. I as unemployed by then, and anxious of what I could do outside of the small bubble that was my house.

It was to a point where being put of my home was immanent. It took my BF, and my family to say, 'Something is very wrong and something needs to be done'. I had no money and had to finally cut the string on Warcraft. I did not shed a tear when my account went down. But I cried for the fact that I buried my head in the sand, avoiding what needed done- for the sake of a game.

BRK mentions that he was neglectful of his wife and child, the two most precious things he has. His family will be there when epics wont. There love will be there when your guild disbands. They will out last anything one could ever achieve in a game. He learned that lesson before all could have been lost. His need to leave the game mirrored my own.

I have and said of my deep wish to return. The reason of why I have not is mainly my life needed to come first. It took my family to push the issue (like Mrs. BRK) to see that. I have many things that I had neglected to do...and that is how his post relates to me. That everyone at sometime must look at themselves, and evaluate- am I playing for fun? Or am I playing to hide from bigger issues? I'm not talking about addiction to WoW (that's a whole other topic), but using WoW, or any past time as a buffer from RL and the things many of us would like to avoid or not deal with.

I'm sad for him, but know that BRK, like I and many others, had come to that relization, that point that WoW was starting to become more buffer than game. When that happens, it's time to let it go...for a little while or forever, but for the sake of your RL happiness, RL > WoW.

/21 gun salute to BRK

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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