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Current RPG I'm Playing Day: Pheh

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Yet again I am distracted away from my time of RPG kickassery! But alas, it was not pure laziness, or being sick. It was constant, LAN gaming. Yes, I'm so hardcore of a geek that one geeky thing got overshadowed by something 10x geekier. I swear I wasn't planning it! Rob likes to play Diablo II and Starcraft. Alot. And so do like half of our families and mutual friends. Who was I to say no?

Watch more videos of StarCraft

Now we aren't in a 'real' LAN, and many of the other players were in another city, or a few states away. So we use Hamachi to allow us to play together thought Rob's system (hosting it all). We all decided on Starcraft. Mind you, save for campaigning 2 levels, my playing experience was rather limited.

But I didn't let that stop moi! No ho ho. But Rob also had a shared ftp running to one of our friends cause she didn't have a copy of Diablo II (which is why we mainly decided on Starcraft). This caused our game to run at like 1/4 the speed. So an 1 hour or so game took over three+ hours! I was expecting a long game, but not because of stuff running like they had broken legs!

But we still played on. We had 2 teams. Rob and I, and James (his Brother) partnering with our friend, Melina. His brother, James had managed a fleet of Protoss ships. Rob was just barely getting some Yamatos out. Needles to say, Rob went down in flames. Well, he still had 1 building left, but he was pretty much dead. He even heroically rammed his floating Terran buildings onto Jame's base as a last ditch effort. Epic.

It was all up to me. His ships came over to my base. And he jokes, 'Do you have a second base?' I mutter out, 'No?' Apparently I was supposed to do that. Damn it all. I did get all of the float able buildings up (I was also Terran) and kited him around for a while. But eventually, they won. Rob was busy watching LotR off of his hard drive waiting for the end. This is also when we realized his computer was acting funny. /anger at bad computer!

Anyway it was a lot of fun, though next time I definitely better remember to build another base. And that new 1 terrabite drives like dying randomly.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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