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Current RPG I'm Playing Day: Moar Diablo 2?

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Yes. I have failed to in weeks return to FFIV. I guess the honeymoon period with that game has worn off. At least it wasn't as bad as me quitting the second Xenosaga in an emo rage at the last couple fights in the game. Or literally cursing at the screen during the last boss fight of Chrono Cross (getting the perfect sequence for the good ending's a bitch I swear. I totally haven't loaded it up in like 2 years).

But I was playing around in Diablo 2 with some friends. We slowly are trudging along finally saving that old guy (Cain?) that examines your unknown items for free, and my lvl 11 Mage...err Sorceress is kicking butt, rolling everything along with my hired mercenary. Of course having all the melee in our party soak all the damage keeping me all unharmed is for the win. Dmg Casters > all other classes. Bliz knew that well before WoW was invented- Diablo proves it.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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