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Current RPG I'm Playing Day: Diablo and Possibly Dungeon Siege

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Well as the fun times kept rolling, I realized I spent too much time playing Diablo II. I know cheap cop out but I kinda feel like a Mage (Sorceress is kinda close) and I am playing a Blizzard game right?

Well after a few friends getting a bit pissed off at being crowded...having 4 people with 12 Million pets out all at once makes for harder killing, lag, and onscreen confusion between player. So much drama, so I kinda am tired of it for awhile.

I'm half tempted to pic up Fire Emblem again and finish the second campaign, or play this other game we all downloaded. A game named Dungeon Siege. Now before you get all anti Microsoft, its a dungeon crawler. Hell it's at time a clone of some Diabloesque things. But it's refreshing to be fighting other things, other than dark demons in dank crypts.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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