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Broken Front Page Links

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Oh the agitation! I was fixing stuff on the site last night, and figured 'lets install Commentluv on the blog! People get links to there site on here and they comment more!'. Well I took it off due to having both it and Blogger's comment system fighting over which should be on my site.

I'm like well, I don't really need it...but damnit! Apparently it (or me in my tinkering) have made it so the last 5 posts hosted on the front page wont go to their pages...Or rather, you can get to the comments. You can hit the 'more' text and see all of it. The related posts links work fine as well. But the top title text will only lead to a blogger error.

I reinstalled the backed up templates I had from yesterday and March but no dice. But I noted that when I write a new post, it works fine again. So I guess for those last 4 posts, just hit the blue 'more' text and you'll see it. Though with how much I write, it'll become a non issue in a weeks worth of posts. At least I caught it! Happy Spring Equinox/Easter/Eoster yalls!

*Woops! Figured it out! I had put in title links and they were redirecting to the site and not the post. Doh! I figged back linking to myself is a good thing. Guess not! I really am dreading going back through my old posts T.T*

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict

Instant Hosting Account said...
April 22, 2009 at 5:38 AM  

Although your solution works, It'll show 'index.php' in the link,which is sort of again coding standards. I'll still fix it and give you credit, but I'll use a different solution. Thanks for bringing it up. Also, I strongly recommend installing views instead of using the standard teaser view, which I just added as a placeholder for those not using views. It's not really a supported feature.
Thanks again,

Darksaturn7 said...
April 22, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

Eh, I'm on a very limited budget, and am satisfied with the page as is. Thanks for the advice thou! I'll definitely look to your page if I REALLY break something XD


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