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WoW News Recap Day

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Well lemme see here... What did happen this week:

Dual Specs are becoming a closer reality. I recall that you have a whole new set of key bindings, gear set toggle, and slots for your inscription scrolls as well. 1000g To finally have a PvP I-Can Actually kill people spec and a PvE spec....wondrous news. And my Druid can go Boomkin or Tree without having to kinda wing it (like healing as Boomkin and vice versa- doable, but meh).

Mage nerfing...poor poor fire Mages. Mirror Image, Scorch, and Winter's Chill: got the nerf bat. Fire Mages still die in PvP like rocks. Frost Mages still kite, and Arcane Mages still kite and explode people dead (just without instagibbing the poor soul in 2 hits). At least the scorch nerf was actually not a bad thing. I recall having to use scorch rotations, and on a laggy internet connection, it made that rather hard and gimped my dps massively. But the rest just convince me to never go fire, ever.

*I'd mention spirit but I'll leave that to Tuesday's News in Magecraft post.*

After the news of ghetto hearthing being squashed (Mage's rejoice, then QQ as the number of port tells quadruples) they are now allowing people to queue for bgs anywhere. Not quite a ghetto hearth though as you are ported back to where you wear once the bg is over. So, use you damn stone, or politely ask the Mage to taxi you for 1g of course :) )

Oh and Uldar. Beautiful, epic looking Uldar. Is coming soon, and the encounters (sans the driving one) looks epic. Kinda reminds me when MC and BWL were new, and foreboding.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict

All the big new shrunk down from WoW Insider that I thought rather significant.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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