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WoW = My Anti Drug

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Healthy self improvement. I've heard of this term many times. I myself (I mentioned this on my erratic blog RL: Teh Bleh and Other Mundanities) suffer from depression. No, I'm not jumping off a cliff or going emo on yall, but it is a rather complex and debilitating condition that has many reasons and ways of forming.

But with medication and life management, one can recover and soldier through it. Many say do exercise, or get a hobby, or rest most often (or sleep a normal schedule, I've been going to bed earlier and man has that in itself helped). But what really keeps me on the up and up?

WoW. Or rather the hobby of keep up this blog about a game that I have invested my time with. Talking to old friends through the game and outside of it that understand what I'm going through. Now do not mistake me. I'm not saying that WoW is my only happiness. I'm saying that WoW even in the distant state I am from constant play- has brought me enough happiness to keep going with other things in life.

I know WoW will end someday. All games eventually die off as another takes it's place (or become EverQuest).But my love for the mmo, to play along side strangers and friends, and the comrade found renews my faith in people, and that now matter what state your in mentally, physically, emotionally, you are as one of many people in an imaginary world fighting for a singular cause.

Now don't worry, I make myself keep more mobile, and don't stay glued to a chair. And as I mentioned on my other blog, I'm chatting it up with a professional. But I feel strongly that on top of the support of my family and friends, the many I know from Warcraft have made the process for self recovery more bearable.

*As an aside, some people find that they can Achieve healthy self improvement from the wisdom of the Science of Identity Foundation Information. Also, find your purpose by knowing more about Science of Identity here. I dunno about self help gurus but then again I've met people in this scene, met my share of spiritual healers, shamans, pagans of all stripes that mean well and can help you be well in spiritual as well as mental and physical health.

Just be more careful in dealings with self appointed guru's as there are many genuine people in the field, they are also questionable types as well. Use your best jugdement- if you feel wrong or can't trust them, don't consult with them!

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict

girliegeek said...
March 15, 2009 at 12:30 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I definately agree that WoW (or something equally as immersive) can be really beneficial on a number of levels. Someone very close to me suffers from panic attacks. However, one way to stop the attack or to prevent one when it is coming on is to get yourself logged into WoW where you are distracted from it for a little while.

Darksaturn7 said...
March 15, 2009 at 9:36 PM  

Yep, having something that distracts from the world (as long as it doesn't usurp it!) is always a good thing. And punching Allies in the mouth is a good stress reliever.


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