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Woah WoW has truely changed in some ways...

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And not in others. I watch my bf? play, and see that Strand of the Ancients and Wintergrasp; fun ideas, but seeing that Horde fail them without fail is disheartening. But Horde is suddenly better at WSG, AB, and EotS lately, and AV is well 'free HK for Horde fun times!'. But as I see all the new spells, DKs, and overall return to Classic WoW looks (but better), there are some things that just don't change.

Well, bf? was sick and sleeping in for most of the day, so I asked (ok whined) could I play his neglected undead mage Redwizard. And he's like sure, as long as he could sleep. So I logged in and has me a 37 mage to roll with for a day. Now the spec was some half assed arc/fire without the key things (I think he should have went all fire to 50 but meh) but I ran with it. Just feel a mage in my hands again was like missing a long lost love. 1st order of business: random instance runs! How I missed them.

I initially planned on running sm but a group needed me for RFD. And so I went, the group's healer couldn't heal out of a wet paper bag, then they went outside to PvP with lowbie Allies to get stomped by a 80 DK AND Lock (I ALWAYS assume an Allie in Horde territory has an escort and so stayed inside and not getting flagged), and then the group proceeded to fall apart. But I got the fledgling mage a level. I was still happy.

Then another group wanted me to do RFD with them. So after filling the bar and almost leveling again, wipes, a tank leaving, a 40 rogue coming, losing on that hawt caster belt twice, and clearing, I was still happy. I was happy that I still knew my spells (like riding a bike) and could cc and blast things, and I was close to edging out the rogue in dps but was fine with settling for second. Sometimes its not the epics, but the fun in doing a job well done. Someday I'll have to get on his account again. XD


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