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Voip: The Phone Killer? My House Thinks So.

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I was pondering for awhile now on whether I could just chuck my Cox Cable account (trying to weed through the bills and all). But being my options were Cable or DSL (and I so despised when we had that a few years back) we kinda were stuck.

It's not even that the net itself sucks with them (well their customer service has never been quite stellar, dropping me during raids, our router we brought from them after only 2 years up and dying on us) it's their bundle program. The thing where everything: the net, phone, and and TV is bunched together in a 'cost saving' chunk.

But it's kinda becoming more of a wasteful expense as A. I barely chat on the pone, or use a cell, and B. barely watch TV that I couldn't see/download online for 'free'. As I ponder this I months ago heard of a thing called VOIP aka "Voice over Internet Protocol".

I know Richard at Age of VOIP suggested various places to do this. At the time I thought the idea wild, but as money gets shorter and short is becoming more and more necessary.

VOIP at least to me comes across as an supped up Vent server but for your phone. As I keep looking to cut corners I found a decent place for VOIP services Reviews aside from Vonage which I hear about all the time. Never heard of Spectrotel, but so far there looking to be a top contender.

For matters concerning VOIP services reviews, proceed to the profile of Spectrotel at PhoneDog. Check out the other Spectrotel profile here for more helpful information.

These Spectrotel people, might be getting me sooner or later. 90 free days of service is looking very nice right now. Way long enough to test them out. Now if only cable was cheaper XD.


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