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Other Blogs I Read Day


After putting up my 'schedule of events' experiment, I've decided to tweak it some. Well for one, I decided to ditch the Wednesday discussion posts. No one was responding, and I just hate putting up a honest forum for critique that no one reads. So that's out. That and I felt like scaling back a day. So 4 days of posts, not 5.

I also decided to change up the Friday 'WoW News Recap Day' to 'Other Blogs I Read Day'.I hated the idea of my parroting old news, as if you couldn't find the same info from various other blogs, Blizzard, forums and the like well before me.

So instead of that, I'd like to re christen this posting as on when I find a blog that I love or find interesting, and comment on why. This way I'm contributing to more of a second look to others and I get to show off what gives me the funnines, or peeks a brow of interest from me (and possibly you!)

Today's blog of interest is from Ryan J. Zielonka remarking on how the communities formed in Warcraft is in fact not only the strong thread keeping the game together, but that it has changed and influenced other gaming communities in general and are influencing the direction of the gaming industry. Good stuff to be read in here. Enjoy!

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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