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Mages Are Epic: Who Says We Can't Arena

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I saw this on WoW Insider earlier today and had to share-

You see that? Two very worthy teams in high end arena play for $30,000 bucks. Both are vying for that purse, and as HON's rogue goes down, then their priest, they have a sole mage by the name of Orange Marmalade vs. a disc priest and a mage. The announcer is screaming that SK has it. Or do they?

Orange flees into the back room, and both the mage and priest (Kwana and Hyoga respectively) follow to finish him off as really, 2v1 in an arena is an instant win. Then in the span of a few seconds, the mage Kwana lays dead, and it becomes a lengthy 1v1. Now HOW did that happen?

This was posted on Youtube's comments section about the video:

"A guy on korean forum broke down the chain of events in that 30 sec span. Each event can be spotted on player's buff/debuff icons

1.@ 3:31, Hyoga casted a shield on Kwana
2. @ 3:41-3:43 Orange fake casted a poly, Kwana felt for it and wasted his counterspell. At the same time Orange popped his Arcane Power
3. @3:44 Orange stole the shield from Kwana.
4. @3:54 Orange Counterspelled Kwana
5. @3:55 Orange Arcane blasted Kwana, (Missile Barrage was proc ) Arcane missile Kwana to death."

So, basically the 2 SK guys underestimated Orange and instead of healing up then chasing him (both were low or close to OOM) when in for the kill over extending themselves. Which was a bad move, and lead to an epic turn around for HON.

Mind you the rest of the vid is watching a battle of attrition as Orange just couldn't muster enough burst to kill Hyoga, and Hyoga couldn't get a rez off or keep en ought mana to kill Orange, so Orange won by default due to having the most dps done by the end of the match. I'd watch the other part of the vid of the tense standoff as well as the quick championship win in the 5th round by HON. Very awesome pairings. Considering mages and priests are underrepresented in Arena right now, it shows that both can still be viable with lots of skill.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict

Ithiel said...
April 26, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

ok... as a rule, I hate watching game replays, sports replays, or any of that sort of thing, but that fight - @$#^ing epic.

Had to go to youtube to get part 2 (another freaking 10min) but damn, that is 1 impressive mage.


Darksaturn7 said...
April 26, 2009 at 1:12 PM  

Yepper! Some say that he was lucky with the RNG, but the buffs that were up were luck yes, but him using them to his advantage in a split second is way beyond luck. You don't plan for that...that was just skill pure and simple.


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