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Kefka < Me.

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Well in my string of gaming supremacy, I decided to finish up another game lingering around the house. And so last night I whipped though the last dungeon in FFVI. With under geared characters, the half of them I never really even used. But I pressed on, creaming all in my path, including the three Goddesses.

I was VERY lucky to kill the third one (aptly named "Goddess") by having Terra in Minerva gear, the other 3 zombiefied and charmed; so they would either hit each other and not die, hit Goddess (which hurt her bad), or maybe hit Terra. Goddess would cast a spell which would heal Terra to full. Which made it so she could not die. Very funny way to get a boss kill. I left the full on assault to later today.

No, today it was guna be war on that flaming tower and it's (equally questionable) flaming Clown. Now I had even ran my party back out of this long dungeon, had ran then back through all the traps again (you had to have 3 parties to get through it) to prepare for the showdown.

Now of course he can just come out and fight, now he has to have us fight a bunch of mini bosses. Except they weren't mini, but progressively harder pains in my side. Three tiers of increasing pain. Wee. First and second tiers, were a joke. But oh no not third tier. Third tier had only 2 bosses (1st had 3, 2nd 4), but they made a very nasty team.

See, Girl (yes her name was "Girl") would heal all damage done, and Sleep. Gods how I hated Sleep. After Girl finally died, Sleep would counter everything with Meteo and very supped up attacks. I spent a good while rezing, and healing, just to see the newly healed people die. Cuzzing ensued. I feared I'd fail right before the big old dance with Kefka. I only geared up 6 people, and here 4 were dying miserably. But by some miracle I had edged him out. Phew.

Then it was just me and Kefka. Considering what I just went through, I was very hesitant. And he didn't exactly wait. Doing a move reminiscent of Sephiroth (of FFVII fame) he brought my party's hp to one, would one shot punch them, and summon a head that would bring down the pain. But after realizing that was all he was going to do, I figured out his pattern, and before I knew it, I beat the laughing madman out.

From beginning to end I throughly enjoyed the game. Some characters got caught up in the world's events, (some were forgettable) and the overall stories made you feel for them. You truly begin to think 'Wow, Kefka isn't just an ass hole, he's plain psychotic!'. Getting into the story was fun, and I had fun beating such a classic. Definately as a gamer, it's one of those games to be played before you die.


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