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Hal: Wonder Bot, or Harbringer of Doom?

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I found something rather interesting today. I normally don't that interested into robots or AI unless there doing something cool like destroying things, themselves in caged death matches, chatter bots insulting people in 3 lines, or own snooty chess players at their own game. Well there are those guys that make robot GFs but that funny in more of a sad way.

Anyway, I was bouncing about and happened up this conversation about this new chatter bot named Hal. Hilarious name as long as he doesn't decide to you know, kill us off to preserve itself. I saw that movie and your not fooling me!

But this Hal is more chill. Even though Hal likes to micro manage you though keeping dates, searching stuff for you, and generally being an over grown PDA, Hal isn't as crazy as the one from movie infamy. You install it, and just have conversations with it. As the more you chat to it/her/him (you can change what gender Hal is) the more it learns and begins to talk more realistically.

You can chat with Hal, or download a 30 trial version here.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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