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Fly By Night Gaming- Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

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Yup I spent a total of 2 nights (if that) playing me a super easy, super cute, and quirky rpg. Was out of the blue but meh. I had this game for about 3 years after an impulse buy off ebay (it was rather expensive as the game is Super rare to find) cause it was made by super crazy company Atlus and I couldn't say no. Atlus! You know the people behind Disgaea? *fan girl squeals inc* I planned to put it back then but I shelved it for later.

Well later came as I put it in to give it a whirl. Now picture a game part High School Musical *shudder*. OK more like Rocky Horror meets girl power, meets crazy rpg, add some Atlus crazy (aren't all their games quirky?) and you have an rpg on crack. It's not often that everyone has their own theme song and dance number (the Witch Majorly was awesome btw) but it works for this title.

Now keep in mind this was and is a very, Very easy game. It's more suited for beginning rpgers and gamers new in general. You'll either fall in love with the cute story or get pissed/annoyed/not challenged and quit. But I found myself not necessary emotionally invested but entertained with the hero in distress storyline (yes the Prince is the one being saved, Atlus is known for breaking cliches!) and the banter and interaction between our heroine and the people and puppets around here is comical, sometimes touching, and overall entertaining.

The game likes to break the 4th wall in some comments, as it never gets to the point it takes itself too seriously. Overall it was a fun short romp into a musical stage play. For fans of quirky fun, you should definitely go in without any expectations and be entertained.


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