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Current RPG I'm Playing Day: Final Fantasy IV

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FFIV. I had just finished FFVI and had plans to take a break, or at least finish some unfinished games. But as I was going through my game spindle (I store alot of the games in a spindle not a case) and well FFIV kinda fell on me. I just kinda ran with it (and I well skipped V...not fond of the jobs atm in the other FFs).

I was sucked into a conflicted main character that became a paladin. His brother (or rather adopted brother- they were both orphans) getting mind controlled and doing bad things. His gf that actually is helpful...healing. Okay most of the girls are nothing but stereotypical low HP casters, but at least there really useful and good at healing/summoning. Rydia who is from the get go tragic, but fills out (don't look at me like that pervs! She suddenly jumps from a child to a woman, you try wrapping around that!) very nicely in the magic and summons department. Now if they would learn to not die every other turn we'd be in business. The men all seemed either smarmy, or old grumpy farts (Telah and Cid...classic characters!). Throw in some kids and we have a menagerie of people. Now how is this curbed so that we don't have to juggle people like in VI?

Well this is where the story is so far a bit depressing. There's the bad guy, destroying whole kingdoms for his own ends, and at last count 5 party members (ok Cid wasn't dead dead, but still) that have sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

But the story gets more hopeful towards the end, the menu system is awesome and actually better than VI's and we have Cid! Not as a secondary NPC, but as a playable character! And his lines are awesome. He's the guy that tells you to your face you're a tool, and tell couples to get a room. Definitely my favorite Cid in the Final Fantasy series.

So far I'm just venturing into the Cave of Summons. It's side quest time as I'm quite sure I'm nearing the final dungeon of the game. It seemed to be over all rather easy and short. Maybe I'm playing the Newtype version, thou I thought the re release versions on the PS1 were all Hardtype. Oh well, am having fun getting my game on. Prolly will beat it tonight. So off I go to kill Golbez's ass!

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