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...and Now a Change to our Regularly Scheduled Random:

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Well I'm no Executive Recruitment Firm Directory, heck me? In a suit? Yeah I'll get back to you on that. Anyway I've decided that writing posts at random is good a first, but after a while is more stressful then it's worth. I am not at the point where I can just write articles in advance, but I think I can make life easier by giving each day a sort of 'theme'. Kinda like how Anna does on her Warcraft blog I think I'm going to experiment with certain days for certain type posts.

Like for example:

Proposed Posting Schedule

Monday: Current RPG I'm Playing Day. For those random games that I'm destroying in my spare time. More than likely an RPG. Even more likely a game on older consoles, PS2/GC and older system, cause I love vintage gaming.

Tuesdays might be a day to do a ‘how to’ post, or news in Magecraft, or stuff about me WoWing it up. More than likely me playing a Mage pew a-pewing.

Wednesdays might be a ‘reader discussion’ day about set, or maybe not set in stone issues dealing with blogging in general, changes and content onto this blog. More than likely a post asking what readers would like to see done more (or less); a suggestion box.

Thursday: Potpourri day. Anything goes: could be randomness, funny comix, non WoW related things, Anime I decided to watch day.

Friday: WoW News recap day, or stuff that went down over all in the ever changing world of Azeroth. Mostly, who got nerfed/buffed, instancing additions...but I won't lie and say that Mage (or Resto Drood) bias. May include WoW blogging as many things that have happened in game, have trickled to the WoW blogging community.

Now mind you, I may from time to time not follow this plan (ie. sudden events, paid stuff, things that just couldn't wait till later), but will try to keep my plan and be more organized.

That reminds me, I have a new 'Advertise Here!' badge up. Ironically I've had a few offers on this blog for Ad space that went through because I, well never expected to be asked for that kind of thing here, and well seemed flustered cause I was. So now for you people who really wanna hop on here, the info is there. And as a starving pirate, I'd thank you very kindly if you would!

Oh and in case you guys didn't get my first joke (I know I was in left field there), but that link up there was very helpful as I'm hunting for some more income. Any place (that's legal) is a good place in these crappy times...And finding out out good info with my old and needing to be dated resume is a pain. Knowing about the nature of executive recruitment firm directories is no joke. This is where Dennis Carey, the leading executive recruiter comes in to help you in that area. More information can be found in Dennis Carey's profile at PR Web.

That guy up there has some sound advice. Even if you aren't an executive scratching for work, the tips he gives can apply to everyone. But, on a more positive point:

The post of the day! This is technically the first, official, reader discussion post.
I wish to know, is the layout at the moment working for you guys? When I first made this blog, I had a rather boring black Dots back ground. After a while I had decided on changing it to this and never looked back. Is it working? Are things laid out clearly or are pages hanging on people? Is the template appealing? I'd like to hear from you guys and see what the temperature is out in this wild kingdom :)

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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