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Ad Space Ahoy!

I'd love to host your Ads on this fair blog...for a price :) Hey, us Trolls havta
eat too! Here's current site stats (as of 11/12/2011):

Alexa Ranking

Technorati Ranking 523,272

Page Rank
Page Rank

Not great, but I get loads of decent traffic, that's steadily growing. So this site gets concentrated visits, many which are fellow bloggers, and Warcraft fans. I'd like to say I run a small blog with semi big dreams :)

I can write a priority review of your site/product on this blog for $20 (for a 200 word count post) or a longer post with every 200 words increasing my charge by $20 (ie a 500 word post would be $50). As long as the post is a gaming related blog or product. By that I mean if it has nothing to do with Warcraft, Anime, Gaming at all I more than likely will not take it. As long as your request fits the theme of this blog, request away!

*New* I keep getting emails from people wanting links. Alot of them are not even gamer related. If you are NOT a gaming blog, away with ye! Gamer related blogs...if I really <3 I'll link but only a reciprocal link back. All links added to the blog are at my discretion. I'm picky and like keeping a small blog roll. That and I'm prolly following you anyway :)

I'll sell spots on the side bars only for 125x125 ads, larger will get bottom posts/blog spots.

These are the example of the grouping and size of the 125x125 ads (only 4 available):


I'd prefer the ad to be Gaming, Warcraft, Anime related (but again I'll negotiate!) in these places:

*Side bar squares $6 each weekly, $20 each for the month
*Or combine the side bar squares into a (280x336)! It is is currently open to highest bidder. Buy It Now price is a hawt $30 a month!
*Bottom of posts (as in below each post) $8 each weekly, $30 each for the month
*Bottom of Blog (footer- below the whole section of posts)
$5 weekly, $20 for the month

Those that want to join my 'Sponsors :D' List message me!

I'll accept payments through paypal; and will be expected in advance of me putting up ads.

Thanks for supporting this (Ex?) Warcrack Addict!

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