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Sidetracked by 'Moon Phase'

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It's funny. I had every intention of firing up a console and banging heads with a random creature/RPG of the day. Well then the idea to hit up the website Hulu.com kinda derailed that. Well it wasn't exactly Hulu's fault. I just discovered it as it was a few days ago and went 'free TV!? Sign me up!'. Well there was no sign up but I was pleased. And what section did I go to on this site? The Animation and Anime section of course.

The banner anime I saw was this overly cute banner with the words 'Moon Phase' and a gal with cat ears (or rather a cat ear hood or Nekomoni) on her head. This screams cute girly anime but I decide to take a chance. Heck, even the into was hyper cute and 'sugary'. Well then the series does a 180 and goes, 'ohh ho ho no. We aint THAT cute'. Cute little girl is a temperamental, trapped Vampire who never has fed (or Vampire kissed) before. She gets rescued by an aloof but good guy who happens to not only be psychically stunted (he cannot see spirits, impervious to supernatural attacks, and cannot wield them himself- to the chagrin of his overly psychic family) but is also immune to being enslaved by a Vampire's kiss. For some reason she was left and prevented to leave from this castle and so the guy and his crew get her out. The series goes on introducing more plot, (and of course the romance which doesn't seem rushed between the main two as well as others) and characters, all remember able: some lovable like our main pair, some tragic, and some downright evil.

I'm into episodes 13 of 26 listed on Hulu. I hear there's a second season, I so hope they post it soon! Oh and here's a quick link to it here.


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