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Shadow Hearts = Beated and other random non events

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After a break that stretched from 2 days to a week and a half, I finally went back to SH to mop it up. Save for skipping over getting Yuri, Margrette, and that sling shot kids (shows how much I played him lawl) weapon upgrades, I decided to clear everything else. All the side dungeons (and setting up the good ending...game was soo picky about the conditions for that) were complete last I left. All I needed to do was beat the float and kill SR for the fusion.

Now Neemeto sans the final bosses took like 3 hours...if that. Then again everyone was 50+ (Yuri 53), and save for Yuri had max weapon/outfits. So, I went and stocked up on Thera extracts, and prepared for the pain that was to be Ben Hyuga/Seraphic Radiance. Or so I thought. Mind you I found this game incredibly easy. But all the gamefaqs were screaming that this boss was the hardest in the game, be prepared to die lots...lies! The fight went: fuse, pure extract, heal, attack, heal, attack, heal...see where I'm getting at? And SR after seeing all that it could do...was not impressed. Went down like a sack of bricks. The SR fusion is mine!

I went, berserked and learned the 3rd attack (Yuri's 'ultimate attack'). Man +999 guaranteed damage is hawt. I went to the final end bosses realizing that I was short of consumables. Started to get very ugly towards Meta God as mana restoring stuff ran out- thankfully I had brought 30 thera extracts to the SR and used like 9 so I had a buttload saved up. So I mop up and beat the game. The good ending (I have seen the bad before from my ex's game) was meh. But eh I've finished it! Me thinks I'ma go fire up FFVI sometime this week and finish that too. I'm starting to miss Kefka again :P


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