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Gurr sawry for the lack of posts. We think our modem is definitely dying on us. New one is coming in tomorrow! Trying to post or refresh pages is a nightmare, especially after starting a texting job that requires me to constantly refresh >.<'. Anyways while fighting the technical difficulties, the bf? (from now on he gets a ? to save time lawl) had went to a mutual friends place and was playing Left 4 Dead over there. Needless to say, he uploaded the game onto his pc through his steam account.

The next day I came back over (or rather moved temporarily back in...apples ad oranges) and was pushed into his computer chair to try it out.
Which meant hours of me failing at aiming a gun, failing at healing my characters, or reloading, and generally dying in amazingly funny ways. I was never the greatest at fps or shooters in general...but the game rocked. Not much plot, short and sweet.

The levels were re playable with the achievement type system (I got the face planter one), the fact that as with all Steam games you can mod the games (he had a 1 character all zombie mobs mod he later put on- that was freaking impossible to beat and he took it off) and a multiplayer scenario. All in all good, dirty, zombie killing fun.


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