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A Great place to start for those that need extra cash blogging.

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Well, I've made no secret about my typing for great justice...or cash. This blog is not only a home for my various gaming hobbies, but also as a good place to gain some income. So in the meantime I have been investigating various places that pay me for my opinions and time, while allowing me to be myself (nothing worse than feeling like a sellout on ones own blog XD). I have visited and typed for various campaigns and have weeded out the few I myself would like to deal with on a semi regular basis. One of those companies where I can get paid to blog is PayingPost.com.

See, they have an easy set up, where you submit your blog for review. As long as it fits their criteria they will accept your blog. Then as soon as you verify your blog, tada you can accept offers right away. In the span of a few minutes you are now participating in what is called 'Blog Advertising'. Now before y'all go 'hmm, this is a bit iffy...' think of it this way. Advertisers basically submit things they would like a blogger to write about, and if bloggers are interested, can write up a review about the site, garnering buzz for there site, as well as buzz (street cred? lol) for the blogger; so win win all around. They get back links, and traffic; you get back links, traffic, and cash.

So far they have a decent amount of offers on the table even for those of low page rank. And once accepted you have a good 6 hours to submit so you have time to think out your review. I personally find the site user friendly and a good start for those of you thinking on hoping into the blogging for income arena.


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