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Fail Pugs...Yeah I recall my share...

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I was yet again blog hopping, and ponder things, when I happened upon today's post from Euripedes of Critical QQ:

'To be blunt, the two DK’s were producing atrociously bad DPS. One of ‘em couldn’t break 500DPS, the other was struggling to keep his above 700.

And then there’s me, sporting 2200 DPS, having left ALL my cooldowns and trinkets untouched for fear of roaring over Mr. Tank in threat. I quite often simply stood there doing nothing (or casting Ice Lance) if I got a “lucky” string of crits.'

He goes on to describe the fun wipe fest, subsequent fail DKs leaving the group, him finding competent 80s and cleared everything in 20 mins. This post (other than the lulz) brings back the pain of pugs, but especially of pugs that cannot, or do not try to pull their weight. Even more so on dps as back in the day, as long as the tank was geared enough to not be one shot + generate decent threat, and the healer was geared enough to heal, the dps could twirl, dance and goof around in a pug. I've been in several pugs where on my mage...to be fair she was geared and at the time arc/frost was ungodly...but really now you guys are in semi good gear, I shouldn't comprise 50+ group dps by myself. Or the time my 2 days 70 Boomkin out dpsed a pug Gruul's raid in cheap blues and a few throw away epics. Thou I do recall my best epic fail pug moment.

The setting- regular CoT: Dark Portal (before everything was nerfed and it was a pain in the ass beginning BC). 2 guildies (rogue, lock), me, a friendly priesty, and a pug tank. The guildies and I had been lfg so the rogue can get a melee trinket from the 1st boss. Priesty was wearing blues and a few epics. The guildies and I were in kara gear (decent at the time). And our tank. Woe to our tank. In full greens, bossy, and with an ego the size of Texas. He assigned jobs to us, telling us that he could do this.

So we try, rogue is doing awesome dps. Lock is doing awesome dps. The ads barely live cause of me, and no one is dying cause of our awesome healer. Well save for our tank. We are like'...hmm'? Tank is like 'is the healer healing?!' Healer goes 'Well yeah, but your dropping too fast.' He goes No you just suck'. Now this annoys the rest of us, but, keep in mind, we've been waiting around for a good hour or so for a tank and so was wiling to deal with him. So we try again.

We try and try to get the 1st boss down, amidst his constant badgering of 'Mage get adds!' 'Rogue/Lock more dps!''Healer heal!' I would at first say nicely, 'I got it :P.' Eventually I yell in caps, 'Shut it I got this!?' Guildies snicker, run goes on slowly, and we finally thou belatedly get the 1st boss down. That hawt dps trinket doesn't drop. Did I mention we had said that we were here for that trinket before the run started? Ha...ha...ha....warr goes on a tirade saying he was there for it too. Then goes on to say that the rogue didn't deserve it cause he wasn't doing enough dps. We link meters. Obviously he's 'doing his job'.

This was enough. I was tired and annoyed, and told the warr my exact thoughts on why and how he was a fail and a waste of time. I leave group. Then the rest leave and reform. Then by some miracle, our MT logs on. We beg, BEG the man to come down here. So he shows up, we blew threw the place, and funny enough, the trinket drops. And yes the rogue linked it...the warr apparently logged off in a rage. Yes, cause ALL of us was messing up the group. It's pugs like this warr that make me stay in guild groups. (Or abuse my screen shot button for blackmail purposes). Then again I tend to join pugs for the entertainment (aka the lulz factor, channeling my inner masochist like Valdesta of WoWGrrl.com). I wonder if people in Wrath have gotten better?


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