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The End of AP + PoM Pyro? Lies!...?

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Reading the commentary on up coming Arcane changes in patch 3.0.9 in SpicyTuna's blog I noted many things, evocation is now back to 4 min cds (instead of the talented 2 that is being taken out); mostly looking like major tweeks to arcane flows in particular. But the big thing that was mentioned was the changed in to a shared cd for both Arcane Power and Presence of Mind. It was implied* that you could slap on an arc power glyph time it toward the last three seconds and then cast PoM but still (assuming that works) is a major changed to Arcane PvP...well 'instant nuke panic button' Arc PvP.

Now while I'll admit, pre BC it was cheap. BC once Arc was buffed, was cheap (well Arc/Frost wasn't, just too many badly geared people tried it, failed at it, and made it look horrid to the rest of mage population- all 95% of then PvE Fire/PvP Frost). Many people have been 1-2 shotted by me this way (they all deserved it I swear! Cheap gankers...). But I knew way back when this was op. Cheaper even with trinkets. The fact that this key/macro was able to be around this long into WoW has always surprised me. Well that day has come arc mages. But hey that's a pvp loss. Most of the nerfs seem to lessen arc's burst damage output, which is all well and good for PvP.

I know I plan to raid arc regardless as I play from a raid stand point. PvP is merely a side mission to me. PvE is all about sustainability, not burst (high burst just pulls agro faster, thought its hard with arc subtlety. The major nerf I see there is from evocation. Mana = dps with arc, so less mana gained back a fight is bad. But gems can increase in mana return with a glyph...hard to say if that'll help out the loss over overall evocations during a fight. Will haveta see what people think after patches take place.

Link to mage patch notes from MMO Champion here

*Was found that even if the PoM cd finishes, if AP is still active on you, Po/m is greyed out still. This sounds like the death knell to PoM/Pyro PvP.

*As a side know it's been almost 4 months of non WoW. I'm dreaming of returning after finances finally work back out. Crossing fingers!*


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