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Burnout and Blogging?

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A few of my favorite bloggers I read admittedly are experiencing the dreaded *shhh!* Burnout. Dun dun dun. Euripedes and Exanimo have both expressed displeasure in WoW that has led to burnout in both the game, and in blogging. The trend even carries amongst my in game friends as my gal pal Xel/Nessa has thrown in the towel as well. My bf? is hitting his own wall as guild activity (or non activity) is driving him away. I've seen even before Wrath and my own leaving many faces just disappear, some reappear for a time (I see you WSBMers sneaking back in from Warhammer!) I am slowly but surely job hunting again as RL is setting back down to a manageable pitch (my rl blog explains much of it) so that I can afford to go back and muck around in the much missed world of Azeroth. But when I return, will there be anything to return to? Soo many people are getting tired, disatisfied with how Blizz is handling the game currently. Its depressing to see within 3 months of absence less and less of what I knew. *sigh*


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