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Games I never finished.

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I decided to tinker with Shadow Hearts yesterday, and kinda realized I well should finish some of these other games. I admittedly have whipped though many games. Most of them of the RPG flavor. Some of them not even in English (yay for modded systems). But I has a decent size list of ones I just forgot about, got mad at, or planned on 'getting back to later'...that never happens. So far:

  • Chrono Trigger- Somewhere in the second half of the game.

  • Chrono Cross- At the last boss of the game! Was trying to go for the perfect ending and just stopped caring.

  • Re play of FFX-2- Cause I just couldn't take the cute anymore.

  • Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories- Damn my drive to kill loveable demons to save the world is just not as endearing as killing them to rule the world(s). Yes I beat Disgaea Hour of Darkness. Yes I conqured the Demon and Human worlds and all the side missions...but Laharl is just that bad ass. Sorry you people in Disgaea 2.

  • FFVI- I will finish it! Just a few sidequests away from Kefka! *Gathers dust*

  • Xenesaga 2- After seeing the twin girls mutilated, forced to 'live', and used as pawns, well I kinda got angry at the game (no not at the repetitive game play, same area backgrounds, and music, but the story pissed me off). I may beat it if only to go onto Xenosaga 3. Or not. Guess the honeymoon started from Xenosaga 1 has worn off.

  • FFX International (well sort of)- Still have like 3 Dark Aeons and that other guy. But there just that damn hard...*sob*. (I could put Kingdom Hearts 2 in this as well as the game is beatable but I have one last Colosseum event to do).

  • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories- At Rikku's half, at Ansem. Anger at Ansem!

  • Fire Emblem- Anger at erased saves! (I could include FF Tactics Advance as I messed up and botched getting 100% completion).

Right now I'm half heartedly playing Shadow Hearts. Think it'll be a half assed save? Probably. The crappy cgi even for it's time, and the crappy writing (am so thankful they talk through text and not voice actors) is so not convincing me. I wonder if other people have such an unfinished list.

richard said...
January 11, 2009 at 2:07 AM  

Just visiting and I wish you could finish some of it....

Keep on smiling...

Darksaturn7 said...
January 12, 2009 at 3:21 PM  

Oh I will...someday. FFVI more than likely :) Then again I play in spurts. Either I'm all gung ho, or I'm like, 'eh, later you.' Lazy I know >.<

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