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Am I Very Behind?

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Somedays I get to thinking, "I am sooo behind now. By the time I even get myself together to play again, I'm gonna be too behind my guild'. Mind you, I have decent gear. I prolly wont need may upgrades till Naxx. But my guild has cleared everything other than Malygos (and that multi-dragon thing). I will be sitting around benched due to lack of playtime, which is murder for a person that loves to raid.

Well, then I read a post by Larísa of The Pink Pigtail Inn. And strangely she's right. That I need to suck it up, be an adult, ad see things as they are. Patience was never my strong suit, but in this case that's all I have. All I can do is just, when and if I return, to take things as they are, not rush myself to hard, and if I'm needed (and at the moment only 1 mage currently raids with them >.<) I'll be needed. Wrath has loads of content to do- the months wait will be worth it if I raid or not.


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