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A year has came and went...

Dun worry I'm here!


I'll Ring Your Bell!

eBay is my BFF

Looking around for webhosting?

Peep My Ride!

Viking Grills Yar!

Why I'll Just Do Ebay

A Toilet By Any Other Name

More Raid Progression Photos

Sailor Moon Sacrifice

Fire Magic Grills

Well I'm Sorta Cool?

How to Organize and Move Your Game Collections in Moving Boxes

More Fire Pits :)

Aion Guides for Sale

New Game Controller Time

Zomg I Look Legit

Weathervanes and Wind

Heroic Lord Jarraxus- DOA

The World is Ending!? Flee!

Heroic Northrend Beasts Down?


Ony part Duex.

Happy Belated Pirate's Day!

California Outdoor Concepts

Nessa is at it again!

Old School Raid Day!

For those that want stuff now:

Postcards from....

Big Green Egg ...Grills?

New Addons n' Stuff

Back in the WoW

Sojoe Fire Pit...Fire Fire mehehe

Had to do it for the old schoolers:

Blatant Pimping :)

Updated my Photo Stream

Decided to Try Second Life...Just Cause

Random Guild Stuff...How Much I Wanna Go Kill Things!

WoW > Me?

Template Dreams

Intriguing Article I Saw on Online Piracy Today...

Web Directories...and how they help ya!

I must admit something.

Commercial Break...for tickets!

New Ring and Some Down Time

A PSA- Stop the Mana Addiction!

Troll Feet part deux (random nonsense inc!)

Upgrades Pls!

Yogg Down! But I wasn't there :*(

Bye, Bye, Entrecard

LoLing at Sis....Again.

Prey- A fun game with a Native American Twist

My Lock Gets a New Coat of Paint

What HAVE I Been Doings?

Oh Yeah I Promised That UI

Dang I've been LAZY!

Looking Cute.....

Hanging with Azeroth

Gone on a Fishin' Trip

Other Blogs I Read Day-The Good, The Bad and the Downright Evil

Thursday Randomness

News in Magecraft

Current RPG I'm Playing Day-WoW?


Sellin' Stuff Day

Other Blogs I Read Day-Attack This!

Thursday Randomness

News in Magecraft

Current RPG I'm Playing Day-Moar Diablo II and a new PC?!

Sellin' Stuff Day

Other Blogs I Read Day-Old Grandma Hardcore

Thursday Randomness-Hotkey fail?

News in Magecraft...Etiquette Lessons for You Non-Mages

An Epic Writing Chain