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Spike's VMA's oh wait I mean VGAs

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Welp last night I tuned into Spike's Video Game Awards full of silver painted angels, flash, and Jack Black. The intro with all the game systems to the extended singing skit with 'video game heaven' was hilarious. But as soon as it was over it was obvious this was like another high profile shindig for the famous = actors/musicians > games. Don't get me wrong I expected the scantily clad gals, and Jack Black at least carried so the show never truly slumped, but all I saw was, 'oh I play games, and I'm working on this show/my album drops insert 2009 date'. Like I can believe shakily that say Marisa Miller does own people in Gears of War, but Kim Kardashian?! I doubt she's even sneezed at a console much less played anything on one, or really is capable of doing anything but look pretty (well that's questionable as well lol). Quote: 'It's based on Dante's Inferno. It's a book.' Thanks for showing that libraries are already burning due to tards not bothering to do that reading thing cause damn that's hard. Some notables did show up thou (not 50 Cent, he shouldn't even show up, that 'self inspired' turd burned any gamer cred he had) GTA screenies, RE5 (drool), Will Wright the man that made me enjoy creating worlds- was fun times and MGS definitely cleaned up nice award wise. And boy was I shocked, I so wasn't aware Jenny McCarthy was that soothing gal voice in Command and Conquer!? The only surprise was that WoW was not mentioned in the RPG category (Warhammer was). In fact it wasn't mentioned at all? Did the game finally get knocked down a peg or two, or were there things behind the scenes barring the extremely popular game from mention. Questions questions indeed.


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