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Random Dream...of Warhamer?!

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Yes I find it hilarious to have game related dreams...but even odder that it was a dream of a game I never played? See a while back a alot of close friends of mine from my 2nd raid family, We Shot Bambi's Mom went and for various reasons quit WoW and went to AoC then to Warhammer. Many tried to get me to switch but due to money and not wanting to invest in 2 games at the same time (and my current pc is shitty anyway) told em no. And that was that. Forward to Sun evening in my sleep, I dremt of trying to find there home base in the middle as a lvl 1 newbie, getting lost trying to find my friend Groshy. I wandered into apparently high level areas and didn't get ganked once ...was an odd odd trip lemme tells ya. Like the fates is trying to tell me something LOL!


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