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Old piercings are still exciting I guess

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I have a few holes on me (4 atm, 5 retired/closed up) along with some tats. Most had at least longer than 3 years now but the one that garners the most attention is my Industrial piercing in my left ear. Similar to this gals-

save for mine is actually a bit thicker (like .05 more in diameter?) and slightly longer due to my big ears, hence mine is unusually bigger than most. It's a rather simple piercing, two regular holes made then the barbell slung though both. It's not that piercing is rare out here, with the many tat parlors and Urban Exchanges... but without fail I'll get asked at least weekly 'Did it hurt? How long did that heal? Does it go through the whole ear?' >.< So I politely answered this today as I was walking from court (fastest trial evar lol) from a gal passing by: 'Nah it just bled alot (which was true).' That either satisfies them or grosses them out, shutting them up. Satisfies me muhaha. Funny how at the time it was 'rare' to see a person have it, and now like 5 years later I'm wishing people weren't so excitable XD


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